“Are you serious?” – Klopp jokes about how low first offer he received from Dortmund was

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp had a lengthy career in Germany before making his move over to the Premier League, and the majority of that was spent with Mainz.

The boss played for them and then later manager the team – he was with the club for 18 years in total, and was on a handsome wage by the time Borussia Dortmund came knocking.

Mainz were relegated and Klopp knew it was time to move on, but there was one issue. Dortmund, one of the biggest clubs in Germany, offered him a wage lower than that of Mainz.

He was exicted about the job offer, but had revealed he called them up and asked “are you serious?” – the boss doesn’t hold back!

Take a watch of the video below (via Sky Sports) and skip to 9:20: