Danny Mills’ ludicrous take on Jurgen Klopp slammed: ‘Weird individual’ (VIDEO)

Apparently transforming a miserable fanbase into the happiest one in the land, turning a team from also-rans into one of the very best in Europe (capable of winning the Champions League) and making a club so attractive almost any player on the planet would sign – is not appropriate progress.

That’s what pundit Danny Mills reckons, anyway.

The former Leeds defender was spouting his nonsense on talkSPORT, where he questioned Jurgen Klopp’s record – stating he hasn’t won enough.

For the record, he’s won two trophies – the Super Cup is officially recognised – and judging on points amassed, has created one of the most dominant sides in English football history.

Should he be sacked because he happens to compete alongside Pep Guardiola and an oil-state funded, billionaire side?

Probably not, in our opinion. Liverpool fans wholeheartedly agreed with us on Twitter, as did everyone – although we couldn’t share most of the tweets due to the language involved!

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