Ferdinand thinks PL should be cancelled as Liverpool fans can’t be trusted to party indoors

Rio Ferdinand’s reason for deeming this season’s Premier League null and void is maybe the most ridiculous yet.

According to the former Manchester United defender, there is too high a risk of Liverpool fans breaking potential future isolation curfews and celebrating in the streets for it to continue…

“I just think the Premier League should be void,” he told Football365.

“Imagine Liverpool win the league, which they would, do you think those fans after 30 years of hurt will sit at home and say “well done, guys”?

“They’ll be out, I’d want to go out. Not everybody is sensible.

“People will go out trying to celebrate and go crazy because that’s what football does, it brings out emotions and people sometimes act out of character.

“It’s a shame. People have invested a lot physically, emotionally, financially. But it’s bigger than that.”

We honestly cannot get our heads around this one.

Firstly, the Premier League is not going to continue while the country is under isolation. It will resume when COVID-19 is on its way out and when restrictions on us being outside of the house are withdrawn.

Secondly, there’s a strange tone involved that Reds wouldn’t be able to obey strict rules that are there to save peoples’ lives in the event of us winning the title.

Our brilliant march to glory has already been curtailed by COVID-19. It hurts, but as a club and fanbase we’ve accepted that the game needed to be suspended until we can beat this deadly virus. There’s very few disregarding its seriousness. When the title is won, it’ll hopefully be safe for us to celebrate – and if so – celebrate we will.