Jordan Henderson’s honest message to Premier League players refusing to train

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has issued a message to Premier League players who are refusing to train, such as Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante and Watford skipper Troy Deeney.

As German football fans welcomed the return of the Bundesliga last weekend, British supporters were getting hyped about their teams gearing up for a restart.

A return of the Premier League appears to be imminent, with players now training in small groups to bring their fitness levels back up to scratch.

But not everyone is happy with the decision to resume training, as the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, with Deeney and Kante expressing concerns.

Both players cite taking unnecessary risks with their family’s health as the reason they’ll be training away from their teammates for now.

Henderson has spoken out about the decisions these players have come to, and his response is honestly as levelled as you’d expect from the Liverpool captain.

I fully respect their opinion and their decision to do that,” he told Sky Sports. “I think everybody is in a different situation with their family and at home.

Ultimately, if you don’t feel comfortable or safe, you shouldn’t feel forced or pressured to come into work.

The skipper outlines that he’d support the same decision if it were to come from one of his own players, but he hopes those who don’t feel comfortable will support those who do.

I fully respect the lads that don’t feel comfortable as of yet, and I hope that they respect my opinion and that of the other players who have come back,” Henderson continued.

Everybody’s situation is different but ultimately, for me, I feel very safe here at the training ground, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. My teammates as well.

I can only really speak for us, but I fully respect people in different situations who don’t feel comfortable. If any of my teammates felt like that, I would fully support them and back them until they felt it was right to come back.