Liverpool’s position makes mockery of UEFA rankings

Despite winning the Champions League, Liverpool are only eighth in the latest UEFA club rankings.

The revised list was released on Monday, with Real Madrid still leading the way in spite of their last 16 exit at the hands of Ajax.

Liverpool find themselves below the likes of Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich and PSG and only fractionally above Arsenal and Manchester United.

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Realistically, based on last season, Manchester City and Liverpool are currently the two best teams in Europe.

But UEFA base the positions on performances over the past five campaigns in continental competition.

Clearly their metric needs changing if it’s obscuring the genuine quality of teams.

Surely reaching two consecutive finals ought to be much more valuable than reaching the knockout stages year-on-year without making a real impression.

It’s easy to dismiss this, but it’s actually reasonably important because the rankings determine the seedings of clubs in draws.

You can see the full list, and find UEFA’s explanation, here.

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