Wayne Rooney was not happy with Ed Woodward once calling him ‘Wazza’ in a text

The Times’ journalist Henry Winter posted a scathing tweet about Manchester United’s dire situation after they were beaten by Newcastle United last weekend.

“No belief, no creativity. Fans showed more defiance than the players,” Winter wrote.

“United can get rid of Solskjaer but that simply masks the problem: Woodward & the Glazers. Too focused on profits, not the football. Director of Football required urgently.”

Man United fans have been campaigning for the Glazers’ exit, with a #GlazersOut banner being flown over Old Trafford before their game against Chelsea in August.

And executive vice-chairman Woodward has also come under heavy scrutiny for his failure to get United back on track in the troubling post-Ferguson years.

Winter is right when he says United need a director of football. Often, football matters have fallen at Woodward’s feet.

But Woodward isn’t football-focused. Revenue is king where he’s concerned.

In a piece by The Athletic that delves into Woodward’s background, his relationship with the players is explored.

“I don’t want to be their friend,” he once remarked.

Yet that defies Woodward’s attempts to be matey with Wayne Rooney after the FA Cup semi-final in 2016.

United, managed by Louis van Gaal, had just beaten Everton 2-1 at Wembley Stadium.

Woodward watched the game from holiday in Dubai and he sent Rooney a text message after the match that didn’t go down well with the United legend.

“Hi Wazza,” the message started. “Loved the game.”

The Athletic write: “Rooney had played well in a new midfield role but, suffice to say, he was not impressed at efforts to be ‘matey’.”

There are various tales as to how cordial Woodward can be. One player who left the club in recent years simply received a letter in the post, rather than anything personal.

Another player with links to the club received a text from Woodward wishing him a smooth recovery after he suffered a bad injury.

The fact that Woodward can be personable at times and cold in others highlights his rather confusing position.